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 Menu for March 30th - 31st

chocolate cupcakes on burlap.jpg


~ Sandwiches ~

Tavern Ham 

on ciabatta, creamy brie, thinly sliced granny smith apples,

mango chutney ~ $9

Corned Beef on rye,  pickles and havarti ~ $9


AppleWood Smoked Ham & Goat Cheese

on country oat bread, arugula, spicy pepper jam ~ $8


Sliced Roasted Turkey Breast 

on whole grain bread, goat cheese, orange fig spread, arugula and fruit ~ $8

Also available for purchase

FarmHouse Pimento Cheese in an 8 oz container ~ $9

Rosemary Parmesan bread ~ $8 loaf


an assortment of freshly baked large loaf poundcakes, cookies,

sticky toffee shortbread, brownies, cupcakes, granola & biscotti

also serving Waynesville Sodas (small batch sodas made in Waynesville, NC); chilled bottled Spring Water, sweet tea, hot tea, coffee 

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