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 Menu of the Week 

Fresh green asparagus soup in bowl on wooden table.jpg




Organic Asparagus Soup ~ $10

fresh organic asparagus with a hint of lemon, parmesan served with a slice of maldon buttered rosemary parmesan bread

 Not your Mama's Grilled Cheese

aged sharp cheddar on maldon buttered rosemary parmesan bread ~ $9

soup and grilled cheese combo ~ $15

FarmHouse Pimento Cheese or Chicken Salad scoop ~ $8

a scoop of our housemade pimento cheese served with grapes and Effie's oatcake crackers or a scoop of our chicken salad served Effie's crackers and fruit GF crackers available

German Farm Dog ~ $10

smoked bratwurst on grilled baguette, saurkraut, whole grain mustard, pickle spear

Grilled Spicy Pimento ~ $12

housemade pimento cheese, spicy pepper jam grilled on soughdough

Roasted Chicken Salad

on a fresh bakery croissant with pecans, cranberries, fresh dill & greens ~ $13

FarmHouse Cuban 

hand carved smoked ham, creamy havarti, Abby J's pickles,  

mustard on panini pressed ciabatta~ $13

Spicy grilled Pimento  & Ham 

on jalepeno cheddar sourdough bread with Abby J's pickles ~ $13

Roasted Turkey Breast 

 whole grain bread, arugula, goat cheese, orange fig jam ~ $13

**all sandwiches served with seasonal fruit & cape cod chips


(not all available this week)

an assortment of freshly baked poundcakes, Victoria Sponge Cake, cookies, scones with clotted cream & jam, sticky toffee shortbread, granola & biscotti


 chilled bottled Spring Water, sweet tea, unsweet tea, hot tea, coffee, New Creations Sodas (Peches, Strawberry Habenaro, Pecan Cream, Root Beer)

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