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 Soup of the week... Tomato Basil

tomato basil soup with croutons.jpg


- soupe du jour -

organic tomato basil soup  ~ $6 cup

cup of soup with grilled cheddar on rosemary parmesan ~ $9

~ Sandwiches ~

FarmHouse Cuban

Our take on a Cuban with sliced smoke ham, Abby J's pickles, mustard,

melted havarti on a panini pressed ciabatta ~ $9

AppleWood Smoked Ham & Goat Cheese

on country white sourdough, arugula, spicy pepper jam ~ $8


Sliced Roasted Turkey Breast (1/2 sandwich)

on thick cut whole grain bread, goat cheese,

orange fig spread, arugula and fruit ~ $8

for the wee ones...

~ pb&j

creamy natural peanut butter, bon maman jam on soft oatmeal bread  ~  $6

~plain grilled cheese

Tillamook cheddar on oatmeal bread ~ $6


an assortment of freshly baked large loaf poundcakes, cookies,

sticky toffee shortbread, brownies, cupcakes, granola & biscotti

also serving chilled bottled Spring Water 

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