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Tartan pattern wool blanket as a background.jpg

While researching my geanology, I found an abundance of Scottish and Irish in our background.  Soon after, I was introduced to an excellent series of novels by author Diana Gabaldon (historical fiction) titled "Outlander".  This  began my Scottish "obsession" and I felt inspired to create a flavor in honor of the main character, James Alexander Malcolm McKenzie Fraser.   Thus "The Tipsy Laird" was created!


"The Tipsy Laird" is an orange whisky cake with dark chocolate bits, a raspberry puree swirled throughout the top and finished with an orange whisky glaze.

For my fellow "Sassenachs", you may notice the ring of the "shop keepers bell" when you enter our store, the same that was used in the "print shop scene" in the series and for those that pay extra attention to detail, we have a sign outside by the alley or "close" as they are referred to in Scotland... BakeHouse Close this is the alley off The Royal Mile where the print shop was located.

outlander book.JPG

If you enjoy reading, I highly recommend these very well written books that have also become popluar on Starz. 


If you are a fan of the books or Scottish foods in general, I also recommend "Outlander Kitchen", a recently released companion cookbook by Chef Theresa Carle-Sanders who has done a phenomenal job compiling recipes from Outlander and has displayed them in a beautiful cookbook!

Tartan pattern wool blanket as a background.jpg

Photo Caption:  Diana Gabaldon holding her "Tipsy Laird PoundCake" at the Northern Arizona Celtic Heritage Fundraiser.   Photo courtesy of Betsey Bruner.

Thank you Diana for creating this wonderful world, Slainte mhath!


Diana Gabaldon, NY Times Best Selling Author of the incredible Outlander books and Starz TV Series, holding her "Tipsy Laird Orange Whisky PoundCake" Order yours today!

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